Dr. Woods Shea Vision Pure Castile Soap Baby Mild With Organic Shea Butter - 32 Fl Oz

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Dr. Woods – Baby Mild Liquid Castile Soap with Fair Trade Shea Butter Unscented – 32 oz. (946 ml)

Dr. Woods Baby Mild Liquid Castile Soap with Fair Trade Shea Butter Unscented pampers even the most sensitive skin. This formula is naturally hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and specially formulated to be gentle enough for a baby’s precious skin. Certified hypoallergenic by the Consumer Product Testing Company. Olive Oil, Vitamin E, and Botanical Extracts nourish, moisturize and condition sensitive skin. Formulated with a naturally healthy coconut and olive oil base, Dr. Woods Castile soap produces an incredibly rich lather that allows for a deep, refreshing clean and effortless rinsing. The ingredients are gentle enough for all skin types and beautifully balanced for face, body, and hair.

  • For Sensitive Skin
  • For Face, Body, & Hair
  • Effortless Rinsing
  • 100% Natural & Hypoallergenic
  • Made with Fair Trade Shea Butter
  • Phthalate, Paraben, Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate, & Petroleum Derivatives Free
  • Cruelty-Free & Vegan
  • Gluten-Free
  • Daily Facial Cleanser and Body Wash – Apply a generous amount onto wet hands, washcloth, or loofa. Lather and massage. Rinse and experience satiny, soft skin with a delicate fragrance.
  • Relaxing Bath – Squeeze a capful or two in running water to create a soothing soak.
  • Gentle Laundry Cleaning – Excellent for fine fabrics and baby clothing. Use 2 oz. for small loads, 4 oz. for large loads.

Fair Trade Shea Butter
Dr. Woods proudly supports women’s cooperatives in Africa that process the plantains and harvest the shea nuts used in this formula. Indulge with good intentions. Shea Butter is one of Nature’s most effective and versatile Health & Beauty resources and is used across all Dr. Woods Castile and Black Soaps. Sustainably harvested from the nut of the Karite Shea Tree, indigenous to Ghana, their Shea Butter is a bountiful source of Vitamins A and E, as well as essential fatty acids to soothe and balance your skin. They use Shea Butter in its purest form – Raw and Organic – in order to retain its highest level of therapeutic and healing properties.

Liquid Castile Soaps
Dr. Woods is so proud to offer their line of Castile Soaps! Made from natural all vegetable ingredients, they are free of phthalates, parabens, sulfates, and petroleum products. These soaps are as good for the earth as they are for your family. These 100% vegan, certified cruelty-free Liquid Castile Soaps are gentle and moisturizing, thanks to the natural healing powers of Dr. Woods’ proprietary blend of olive, hemp, and coconut oil. This combination is particularly effective at keeping these Castile Soaps from stripping the skin of much-needed moisture. A natural humectant, olive oil actually attracts moisture to the skin, increasing hydration. It then creates a breathable layer of protection to help maintain that healthy moisture balance. Dr. Woods Castile Soaps are available plain or with added fair-trade raw shea butter to condition and moisturize your skin.

At Dr. Woods, “All Things Good” is not simply a slogan on their label, it defines each and every ingredient that they include in their soaps. And they don’t stop there. All things good includes everything from where they source their products to the way they are made. Dr. Woods products are certified cruelty-free and they use only sustainable, locally-produced sources wherever possible.

If it’s not good enough for their own family, it’s not good enough for yours. It’s their commitment and promise. By combining hard work, perseverance, and an unswerving dedication to offering only the best, Dr. Woods offers a unique line of what they believe are some of the most effective natural cleansers available today. At a price your family can afford. Exceptional quality and incredible value? That is all things good.

Made in the USA
Dr. Woods makes everything here in the USA, but search the world sourcing the finest ingredients for their products to create a brand they believe in… a brand that makes a difference by doing what’s right for you, your family, and our planet.

For Their Family… and Yours
Dr. Woods is, first, last and always, a story of family and enduring relationships. First conceived by Van Woods, son of Sylvia Woods, founder of the famed Sylvia’s Restaurant in New York City, and long-time friend and business partner, Gary Greenhouse, Dr. Woods is rooted in a lifetime commitment to family, community and doing what’s right.

Starting with their Black Soap, a unique natural cleanser, Dr. Woods’ vision was to produce high-quality skincare products sourced worldwide but made right here in the United States. Products made by a small company that personally cares about what they offer to their customers. Natural products that are of the highest quality at a price nearly anyone can afford. Products that they use every day in their own family, and are proud to share with yours.

Today, the product family, like their own family, has grown like the leaves and branches of the tree they use to symbolize their promise to their family and yours. A promise to provide safe, natural, cruelty-free products that are good for you and the environment. A promise to use ingredients that support the families of small farmers and producers around the world. A promise to make natural products that just plain work, at a price your family can afford. A promise to share only those products with your family that they know are good for their family, too. Products that the Dr. Woods family loves and uses every day – on their kids, and their own skin, hair, and homes. Welcome to the family.

While they work hard to ensure that the company’s daily activities reflect their commitment to responsible and caring business practices in everything they do, they believe that it is their duty and privilege to share their success with others who can use a little help and support. Dr. Woods supports a number of families and education-focused organizations that are dedicated to giving back to their communities and young people in need. While they often support many smaller organizations, they offer continued support to several organizations including:

The Double H Ranch
This amazing organization, located in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains of upstate NY, offers camp getaways for young people living with chronic or life-threatening diseases, completely free of charge. Founded by Paul Newman and Charles R. Wood, Double H provides specialized programs and year-round support for children and families dealing with the realities of living with a life-threatening illness. Whether an away-from-home summer camp experience or skiing and other snow sports in the winter months, Double H offers the chance for these kids and their families to set aside the daily challenges of their disease and simply have fun. Dr. Woods is proud to support the magic that is Double H Ranch.

The Sylvia and Herbert Woods Scholarship Fund
Dr. Woods believes education is one of the keys to lifelong success. Unfortunately, many young people in inner-city environments simply do not have access to the types of higher education opportunities that can make a major difference in their lives. The Sylvia and Herbert Woods Foundation has made the dream of college a reality for disadvantaged youth from Harlem and other inner-city areas for more than a decade. Dr. Woods is proud to be a supporter of this fund and its mission.

size: 32 oz
pack of: 1
selling unit: each
ingredients : aqua;butyrospermum parkii;citric acid;extract;hemp oil;organic shea butter;purified water;rosemarinus officinalis;rosemary;saponified coconut and olive oils;sea salt;tocopherol;vitamin e;with retained glycerin
keywords : cruelty;free;gluten;natural;organic;vegan

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