My Magic Mud - Toothpaste Wintergreen Whitening - 1 Each - 4 Oz

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My Magic Mud – Toothpaste Wintergreen Whitening – 1 Each – 4 Oz

  • Clinically Proven to be Safe & Effective.

  • Whiter Teeth in 2 Weeks or Less.

  • Fluoride Free. Vegan. Non-GMO.

We want your smile to shine like you.

My Magic Mud® premium toothpaste is formulated with the highest quality ingredients, backed by clinical trials.

Product Description

Every squeeze of My Magic Mud® on your toothbrush has ingredients from the heart, elements from the earth, and flavors from mother nature. We combine ancient wisdom with modern innovation to produce a new generation of oral care products. My Magic Mud® is a category creator that remains the trusted brand in natural oral care.

My Magic Mud® starts with the element that provides the basis for all life on earth: carbon. Then we combine earth-sourced minerals with premium essential oils for flavor and therapy; add coconut oil with the oral-defense properties of xylitol, and you get to experience the ideal toothpaste made from a mother’s love, backed by science.

Formulated with activated charcoal, bentonite clay, xylitol, organic coconut oil, and organic essential oils for flavoring, every batch is made with love in the USA and is certified vegan and cruelty-free. Our products meet Natural Cosmetics Standard (NCS) in Europe as well as safe-use standards set by Health Canada and the American Dental Association (ADA).

My Magic Mud’s® Activated Charcoal Toothpaste for Whitening is clinically tested and proven safe and effective for teeth whitening and polishing. Our product safety and efficacy are backed by ADA-approved testing methods, which we make publicly available at
country of origin: United States
is dairy free: yes
is gluten-free: yes
is gmo-free: yes
is vegan: yes
is wheat free: yes
is yeast free: yes
size: 4 oz
pack of: 1
selling unit: each
ingredients : distilled water;diatomaceous earth;non-gmo xylitol;bentonite clay;coconut oil;activated coconut shell charcoal;wintergreen oil;citric acid;grapefruit seed extract;sweet orange oil;potassium sorbate;rosemary oil;stevia;tea tree oil;vanilla extract;xanthan gum

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Weight 0.29 lbs
Dimensions 1.56 × 1.88 × 6.81 in

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Dairy Free

Dairy, Free

GMO Free

Free, GMO

Gluten Free

Free, Gluten





Wheat Free

Free, Wheat

Yeast Free

Free, Yeast


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