Preserve Heavy Duty Cutlery Sets - Pepper Red - 8 Sets - 24 Pieces Total

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Preserve – Recycled Plastic Heavy Duty Cutlery Set Pepper Red – 24 Piece(s)

Preserve Recycled Plastic Heavy Duty Cutlery Set Pepper Red is perfect for parties and picnics. Not only is it festive,  it can also last…and last. Designed to be dishwasher safe and withstand hundreds of uses. Unlike typical plastic cutlery, it won’t chip or break.

  • Set of 8 forks, 8 spoons, and 8 knives
  • The package is a resealable pouch
  • Can withstand hundreds of uses and repeated trips through the dishwasher
  • Made of 100% recycled #5 plastic, 100% recyclable

Mission – Who They Are
Preserve, a certified B Corporation is the leading maker of performance-driven and stylish 100% recycled household products. Preserve is powered by the recycling efforts of individuals and companies collecting #5 plastic-such as yogurt cups and other common household containers-via Preserve’s Gimme 5 program. The Gimme 5 program collects and transforms #5 plastics into new Preserve products. All recycling and manufacturing are done in the USA.

The Preserve Mission
Their mission is to help reduce the harm caused by the industrial age by demonstrating that consumer products can be both fabulous and lighter on the earth.

The Preserve Mission: Practices
Preserve aims to develop improved recycling efforts, create new markets for recycled materials and inspire people to consider their relationship with the Earth when choosing-and using-the products they want and need.

Preserve products are made from recycled materials and are all reusable and recyclable. By building on the widespread enthusiasm for recycling-the most common environmental activity among all Americans-Preserve is uniquely positioned to make a real difference in terms of pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, global warming, waste reduction, and natural resource preservation.

They believe in the power of partnerships to promote change. The collaborative efforts of companies and individuals to reduce waste and reuse natural resources are the best hope for creating better, more sustainable solutions. As the most powerful force on the planet today, businesses-large and small-have a unique opportunity and an implicit responsibility to work together to create systemic change and lessen the impact on the planet.

The Preserve Mission: Promises

  • Preserve: Their Environment – They will reduce their environmental impact by minimizing or eliminating waste and emissions and by using natural resources with concern for their sustainability and their future.
  • Preserve: Their People – They will create and sustain a supportive, inspiring and positive work environment by encouraging creativity, rewarding successes, communicating opportunities for self-expression and applying to their people the same principles of respect and appreciation they have for the planet.
  • Preserve: Their Business – They will deliver an exceptional portfolio of innovative, robust and environmentally sound products to their customers (also affectionately known as Preservers).
  • The Preserve Mission: Principles – They bring it all together with a culture that embraces
    • Pioneering spirit
    • Service beyond their size
    • Collaboration
    • Faith in Fairness
    • Transparency
    • Greater social mission

country of origin: United States of America
size: ct
pack of: 1
selling unit: each

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