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Photo by Anastasiya Gepp 

Welcome to our new site!

Our website is committed to only selling products that are created ethically from start to finish, in every country across the world.  Every product for sale at has the Leaping Bunny Certification because cruelty-free is the only way to be now and forever.

Leaping Bunny Certified is a designation that basically holds everyone accountable. It upholds the highest standards of compassion for animals in cosmetics and household products.  Some company’s state their products are cruelty-free, those claims may only refer to the finished product.  Brands who maintain they do not experiment on animals may, in fact, be contracting a third party to do the testing, misleading consumers who are trying to shop ethically.

Eight national animal protection groups banded together and formed the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics to help consumers navigate ethical products and hold companies accountable. From there, the Leaping Bunny Certification, an internationally recognized logo was created.

All companies that are Leaping Bunny Certified must comply with the Corporate Standard of Compassion for Animals, a voluntary pledge to remove animal testing from every stage of development at all levels including the company’s ingredients suppliers.  The Leaping Bunny Certification ensures cruelty-free every step of the way.

When you see the Leaping Bunny Logo, you can be assured, no animal was harmed.

We love and respect all animals.  We are fighting to end cruelty to animals in all its forms from every corner of the globe.

Cruelty Free Universe